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Slow Networks costs you Money

Slow Networks costs you Money

Is your network damaging your business’ bottom line? Are your staff losing productive time because their computer is running slow? or because it’s taking a little to long to open a web page? or even as far as the application isn’t loading or is intermittent?

Networking is one of the most undervalued commodities in any business. It is normally ignored or set aside because “it’s just too hard” or is perceived to provide little to no value versus cost.

The value of lost time?

On average a slow network or internet connection can cost you around 40 minutes per person, per day. If your employee costs you say $25 per hour, then you could be losing up to (if not more) $3500.00
each year . This cost does not even include any additional down time due to failed hardware, time and/or capital cost to rectify these issues.

A Managed Network Service can save you money

Occasionally pinging the network to see if it’s up? Not enough. Getting an alert when some vital device like a router goes down? Not enough. Not anymore.

Working with a partner that specialises in Managing Networks can actually save you much than what it costs, but not everyone does it right. There are 7 Components that make an effective Managed Network Service, one that ensures you get all the support you need and adds value.

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7 Key Areas to a well Managed Network
  • Client knowledge — sharing as much about your business, how you operate and how you expect to operate helps understand what you need as a business. Having a partner that spends the time to understand your business and how you operate; means you are more likely to get the products from the start or build a suitable roadmap to getting you to the right place.
  • Real-time awareness — Knowing exactly what is happening on your networks at all times allows for greater awareness into what is happening and what may happen.
  • Controlled access — Managing access and network device credentials in one secure location, increases security and decreases the attack surface.
  • Network continuity — manageable devices, backups of config leads to having you back up and running quickly when disaster strikes.
  • Integrated workflows — “the quickest path between A & B is a straight line”… Simple processes and effective workflows aids efficiencies.
  • Reporting — Being able to report on what is happening, demonstrate value and visibility.
  • Network expertise — Finally knowing you are looked after by expertise, helps ease uncertainty and provides top-notch service.

Networking to most small, medium and some large sized businesses can seem like an unnecessary expense. However the benefits of having a well managed and maintained network can easily out-way the negative aspects and ease any doubt your may have.

Its never to late to get on top of your network. Contact us today and organise a network audit to help you understand what we can do for you.

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