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Managed IT Services

Simple services at fixed prices

What is a managed IT services?

Managed Services is when you outsource your business’s Information Technology to a trusted IT Company or Managed Service Provider (MSP) which in turn provides your employees unlimited IT support while proactively and strategically managing your IT Infrastructure – all at a fixed price.


This is an alternative to break-fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the MSP only performs work when required and bills the customer for any work done, usually on an hourly basis.

Managed IT Services
Endpoint Management

Client and server endpoints are managed as one estate, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and employee productivity

Managed IT Services
Managed Networking

Cloud services are network dependent, which is why T3CS network management and monitoring services have become critical to IT.

Managed IT Services
Managed Infrastructure

T3CS ensures your IT infrastructure is always optimised to support the stable and highly available services organisations demand.

Managed IT Services
Backup and Disaster Recovery

T3CS Backup Services simplifies and ensures you have the right solution to safeguard your Environment.

Our Services provide a unique range of benefits

Control IT Costs

You can scale your IT Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff, or IT project work.

Trusted Advisor

Through regular account management meetings your Managed IT service company will be able to oversee your overall IT roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

Economy of scale

As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use a managed IT service you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion.

Increased efficiency

You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.

Small initial investment

Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Lets talk

Small Business Bundle

Providing a complete Managed Business Solution and Support for 1 to 5 Users

T3CS Small Business Bundle is made to provide your endpoints with the Ultimate Security, Monitoring, Backup and Support to ensure your business runs smoothly with minimal impact or issues.

Small Business Bundle covers:

  • Ensuring Endpoints have the right tools to keep your business safe.
  • Monthly Reporting.
  • Automated Windows Update
  • Unlimited Remote Support within business hours*.

Endpoint Monitoring

We monitor User Endpoints to ensure your companies investment is in working order and are alert if an issue arises.

Endpoint reporting

Providing you with detailed inventory reports of your desktop endpoints and receive monthly reports on the “health” of all desktop endpoints.


We believe security is of the utmost importance this is why in our User Bundle we include Advance threat protection. We proactively update antivirus settings to protect devices from security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Windows Update Management

Updating Desktop Endpoints to avoiding security risks, system issues or corruption.

Medium Business Bundle

Providing a complete Managed Business Solution and Support for 6+ Users

T3CS Medium Business Bundle is made up of four elements consisting of Centralized Services, User Support, Technology Alignment, and virtual CIO services. Combining this with our other Managed Service offering you will never have to worry about an IT issue again.

Medium Business Bundle covers:

  • Ensuring Endpoints have the right tools and Monitoring for worry-free Support.
  • Unlimited Remote Support within business hours*.
  • Quarterly vCIO sessions to ensure your business is on track and aligned with Industry Standard.
  • Access to T3CS R&D.
  • Monthly Maintenance Schedule & Reporting.

Our vCIO works with you each quarter to provide an update on the current state of your system, current trends, and build a roadmap with you that is sustainable for you as a business allowing you to make informed decisions.

T3CS continually investigates new/changing technology and products that can better serve our clients. Gain the ability to add your wants and needs to our R&D board. We do the research and development and get back to you with what’s possible.

Centralized Services

Providing User Endpoints with the rights tools to ensure they are protected so users can get on with their job with minimal interruption.


Medium Business Bundle has unlimited Tech Support during business hours builtin so that you don’t have to worry. Users can call and get support whenever they need to keep them working effectively.

Technology Alignment

T3CS embeds your company into our R&D Process which is the driver behind us providing you with current and future technology. Your wants and needs get added to our product backlog and we do all the research and development for you. Keeping you also ahead of the game.


Our vCIO works with you each quarter to provide an update on the current state of your system, current trends, build a roadmap that is sustainable and sets achievable goals. Our vCIO not only learns your business but works to understand your industry and how it also is evolving.

Networking Services

Providing proactive Monitoring, Management, Security for all your Networking Devices.

With software applications and data now in the cloud, networks are the gateway to everything your employees need to do their jobs. Network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls form that vital connection between your business and the cloud—and if a problem causes the network to go down, your business grinds to a halt. That interruption means lost productivity, and of course, lost revenue.

With our managed network services, your network will just work, kind of like electricity—silently and reliably functioning in the background, powering your business to do what it does best.

Rely on us to:

  • Spot potential issues before they affect your network
  • Ensure your network is designed to support your current and evolving business needs
  • Reduce the business risk associated with your network
  • And much more.

Let us worry about keeping you connected—because managing the network is what we do best.

Network Topology

Our system creates a complete map of your physical and logical topologies within minutes. Giving us complete visibility and the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly.

Proactive network monitoring

Our proactive approach keeps us on top of important events on your network/s utilising industry standard and custom built alerting. Our information is relevant, actionable and tailored to each device type.


Security is always on the top of our priority list. Our service provides ensures that we maintain the highest level of security on all your network devices.


Our service allows us to:

  • Instantly know where a device has been seen across a network and where it is connected.
  • Pools in one easy-to-access location all the technical debugging data we need.
  • Instantly access configuration information including version history for managed devices*.
  • Suggest performance and stability improvements from credible information and analysis.

Managed Infrastructure

Providing proactive monitoring, management, security for all your Server Infrastructure.

Applications, Data and ensuring access to information is key to the success of any business.  Dealing with the consequences of server downtime can be not only damaging but can also be very costly to most businesses. There are several common causes of downtime, such as failed software updates, overloaded systems, poor security, outdated equipment, and compatibility issues.

T3CS proactive Managed Server solution was designed to ensure that your server infrastructure is not only working soundly and performing the way it should be, but we also offer some of the best server protection and monitoring solutions on the market.


We proactively monitor your infrastructure to ensure we stay on top of any underlying issues. When an alert is raised we either manually resolve the issue or we have automated scripts that if triggered will resolve your issue instantly to maintain the health of your system.


Every month we run diagnostics, reporting, and updates on your Servers to ensure they are always running at peak performance. We then produce a report that gives you insight into current state and state recommendations that need to be completed including upcoming renewals, expiring warranty, and failing hardware.


We believe security is of the utmost importance this is why in our User Bundle we include Advance threat protection bundled with technology to fight threats such as ransomware. We proactively update antivirus settings to protect devices from security vulnerabilities.


We have carefully selected the perfect tools to ensure that we can troubleshoot and rectify any issue as soon as possible. The faster we resolve issues the faster you can get back to work and the happier you are.